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About 2 years ago I had been having neck and back pain, and my wife suggested that I do Gyrotonic exercise with Felice.   Felice’s extensive knowledge and experience as a therapist using Gyrotonic were invaluable.  She is a wonderful teacher who carefully explains and demonstrates how to properly perform the exercises as well as the purpose of each one. Over time, one re-learns how to move properly so as to prevent future injuries for anyone with an active lifestyle. Aside from all this, she is a warm and caring person.  It has been a pleasure to work with her!
With Felice's help and using the Gyrotonic exercise approach, my original complaints have been resolved, and I continue to work with her as a form of "body maintenance.” --- Zigmund Roth
After a full year of having back pain and an intensive search for a solution, I found Felice. She tailored a unique program for me, applying her understanding of the human body and ability to instruct. And she did so with dedication and commitment. As a result, I was finally healed, and my posture is greatly improved. --- Yael Roth
I feel truly blessed to have Felice in my life. I have numerous medical issues and terrible arthritis. I look forward to my sessions with Felice because no matter how badly I feel in the morning, when I leave Felice I feel 100% better. Gyrotonic is a wonderful way to stretch and strengthen my body without stress. Felice is a very knowledgeable, caring and sensitive teacher who always makes sure that her students are benefiting from her lessons. I wish I could go to her every day. --- Lois O’Brien
I practice Gyrotonic at Fluid Fitness with Felice Amera.  The studio staff is very personable and helpful.  I highly recommend this system for anyone and everyone!  I feel longer, stronger and my flexibility/range of motion has increased significantly.  I also highly recommend Felice - she is an excellent teacher.  She has a straight-forward and thorough approach and is incredibly knowledgeable about the human body.  Make the investment in yourself! --- Rosemary Casey (YELP review)
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