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Why do GYROTONIC® exercise?


  • Because you will become stronger AND more flexible.  YAY!

  • Because you will be less prone to injury.

  • Because it will make everything else you do more efficient and coordinated.

  • Because it’s fun!



The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a unique system of movement. Though it is an effective and thorough system, it is NOT your typical “work-out”. So why do it? To make anything else you do, other exercises or activities (golf, tennis, dance, yoga, softball, gymnastics, pole dancing, cycling, work…), more efficient, less effortful, and more coordinated. So that you can do those activities better and with greater ease; be able to push yourself further and with more power; with less chance of injury! It will also help to balance the body if your job or favorite activity requires repetitive movement, or you spend a lot of time in one position. For example a right-handed dentist spends much of his or her day bent over and twisted to the left.  Consequently, many dentists have back problems. Cycling or playing softball on the weekends, while fun and aerobic will not address back problems. Nor will weight lifting. The Gyrotonic Expansion System will address back issues by working the core in a different way than most other exercise methods do, and by working with muscle connections, coordination and breath. 


So, what will practicing the Gyrotonic method do to help the dentist’s backache? Among other things, it will open up the front of the body to counteract the habitual position of being bent over, and move the spine in other ways and directions in order to maintain full mobility. Similarly, Gyrotonic exercises include spiraling movements (a twist with a lift) to the right as well as the left to balance out habitual positioning, while training the ‘core’ to support the back from the inside out, thus maintaining space between the vertebrae. Gyrotonic exercises help build subconscious coordination of muscle groups and body systems so that they work together towards one dynamic goal - be that a winning tennis swing or keeping oneself from being injured as a result of being bent over work eight hours a day.



The Gyrotonic Expansion System is a multi-dimensional, non-weight bearing exercise system. The movements are circular in nature, gently rebalancing the body’s musculature from the impact of habit and repetitive overuse. Resulting in long muscle rather than bulk, this unique system builds strength and flexibility in equal measure, helping to restore space in the joints and increasing spinal mobility.


What's special about GYROTONIC® exercise? 

While the system has qualities similar to those of yoga, dance and swimming, the largely circular and rotational movements help to release joints by taking them through full range of motion, and teaching the muscles how to move the joints with integrity. Attention is paid to core musculature with the intention of building and supporting a healthy and supple spine.


What results can I expect to see?

Of course the result of any activity, including exercise, will depend partly upon the strengths and weaknesses a client walks in with.  That said, once familiar with basic movements and concepts, a relatively healthy person can expect to feel longer, stronger and more connected. Decompressed, more spacious internally. And many of the weaknesses one might walk in with are likely to lessen or disappear. If you were dealing with an injury or condition, you are likely to feel a lessening of that pain, or at least be much better able to manage it.


Who benefits from practicing GYROTONIC® exercise?

This system is great for anyone who wants a healthy, strong and flexible body.  It can be tailored to all body types and all levels of strength. Because workouts are customized, they address the particular needs of a wide range of specific populations. Among them are:


Weekend warriors (golfers, tennis players, softball players, etc.)

Athletes of any kind, at any level – professional and amateur

Dancers of any genre and any level


Arthritis sufferers

Those with back or joint issues


I’m super excited to have had the opportunity to tell you about this amazing system! And it would be my pleasure to guide you through applying it to your own body and goals.  

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